The team

Based in 1992, Around Nicolas Lebunetel, the agency rests on a welded team which conjugates complementarity of the skills and the shared reflection, the collective project and the personal fulfillment.

They collaborated with us..

Olivia Andriantsimalia x Léa Aubine x Elise Azémard x Titus Baumstarck x Julie Buns x Frédéric Cambolive x Jean Ciccariello x Laurence Delafont-Gilles x Guillaume Géminard x Claudia Goepfert Véronique Goma x Véronique Granier  x Marion Lafond x Pascale Laporte x Élodie Leneveu x Myriam Léon-Roméas x Pauline Mangin x Ludovic Martial x Juliana Martins x Julien Miniou x Santiago Morante x  Julie Muller x Maurizio Nieri x Marie Olivari x Thierry Planes x Benjamin Privat x Magali Rigal x Catherine Robin x Pierre-Henry Roy x Donato Salamina x Oliver Seidel x Nicolas Teboul x Roberto Urbani x Valérie Van de Mersche