The team

Based in 1992, Around Nicolas Lebunetel, the agency rests on a welded team which conjugates complementarity of the skills and the shared reflection, the collective project and the personal fulfillment.

Nicolas Lebunetel

Urban Architect, Design director, Manager


Nicolas LEBUNETEL was born in 1963 in Annecy, in the Haute Savoie region of France. He studied architecture at the Ecole de Marseille Luminy, graduating in 1989. In 1989-1990, in collaboration with the Institut de Recherche dans le Bâtiment, the French State Department for Foreign Affairs and the Department for Urban Planning for the city of Vienna in Austria, he completed a research project on “The policy for defining urban public amenities in Vienna”. N. Lebunetel lived and worked in Vienna until 1992. After working successively as design and urban project manager for a variety of Town Planning agencies in Vienna, Nicolas Lebunetel’s professional career really took off when he joined Rob Krier’s Atelier within the Urban Institute at the University of Vienna. Nicolas Lebunetel worked on a series of major Town Planning and Architecture projects, such as the Cathedral District in Amiens, the Chamber of Deputies project in Luxemburg, and the Consuls de Mer District in Montpellier… and it was when he was asked to take responsibility for the latter project that he founded the agency R. Krier et N. Lebunetel in association with Rob Krier in Montpellier in October 1992. In 2001, N. Lebunetel obtained the “Qualification d’Urbaniste” from the Office de Qualification des Professionnels de l’Urbanisme. This qualification was renewed in 2011. N. Lebunetel directed the agency as managing partner until 2005, when Rob Krier left the company.Since 2005, N. Lebunetel has been the director of the Agency RK-NL, composed of between 10 and 15 employees. 

Nicolas Lebunetel is an active member of:

  • the Board of Directors of the Conseil Français des Urbanistes (CFDU) since 2011.
  • the Languedoc-Roussillon Association Architecture et Maîtrise d’Ouvrage (AMO-LR) – since 2007.

He has been President of the Association des Professionnels de l’Urbanisme in Languedoc -Roussillon since January 01, 2010 and renewed his mandate until 2014.

He has presented and participated in several teaching and training activities at

  • the Ecole Nationale d’Application des Cadres Territoriaux (CNFPT) since 2010, “Notions of architecture and urban structure” module,
  • the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Montpellier (ENSAM), in the “Urban questions” module in the degree course in 2009, as Assistant teacher for semesters 9 and 6 in 2012-2013, and in the Master’s degree in “management of sustainable urban projects” since September 2013.